The Netherlands

Job interview at JobXion

Job interview at JobXion Probably all of us have had more than one job interview. A job interview is nothing more than a meeting between an employer and a potential employee. At JobXion this is done slightly differently. Due to the fact that we have only one office in Poland and candidates apply for our …

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What is worth knowing about the CAO?

What is worth knowing about the CAO? There are two collective labour agreements (Dutch: Collectieve Arbeidsovereenkomst, CAO) in force in the Dutch temporary labour market, namely the ABU CAO and the NBBU CAO. The ABU (Dutch: Algemene Bond Uitzendondernemingen) and the NBBU (Dutch: Nederlandse Bond van Bemiddelings- en Uitzendondernemingen) are associations of employment agencies in …

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Cyclists in the Netherlands

Cyclists in the Netherlands The Dutch terrain and moderate climate combined with a superbly developed infrastructure make the bicycle an excellent means of transport. This small country has 35 000 km of dedicated cycle paths and over 22.8 million bicycles per 17 million inhabitants (in Amsterdam alone there are 881 000). According to research, as …

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Holland or the Netherlands?

Holland or the Netherlands? A few years ago, it was reported in the mass media that the country famous, among other things, for its windmills and tulips, had changed its name from ‘Holland‘ to ‘the Netherlands‘. The truth is, however, that only a rebranding took place and the country’s official nomenclature, the ‘Kingdom of the …

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A few words about the Dutch

A few words about the Dutch With the prospect of going to work in another country and thus being in a foreign culture, it is advisable to be prepared for certain aspects of the behaviour of its people. This way, you will not be surprised if you find yourself in a situation where they react …

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