Own home in the Netherlands - some tips for you!

Many Poles who stay in the Netherlands wonder whether they want to tie the rest of their lives to this country. When deciding to stay in the Netherlands, we think about our own place. Buying a home is always a unique and exciting adventure in anyone’s life.

At the beginning, determine what your budget is. What kind of loan is best for you. To apply for a loan you must have a set of documents such as:

  • Certificate of earnings
  • Jaaropgave – best for the last 3 years (but can also be for the last year)
  • Employment contract
  • Your pay stub from the last 3 months
  • If you have other loans, bring with you the contracts related to them
  • A copy of your identity card or passport

People on their own business need:

  • KvK
  • Tax settlement – IB aangifte – from recent years
  • Yearly bills – Jaarrekening – from up to 3 years

Determine exactly what size you want your new house or apartment to be. Remember to include future plans for your family. The neighborhood where you buy the apartment is also very important. Are there stores, an expressway? Or do you care about a short distance to school or work?

All these details you need to take into consideration already at the stage of planning the purchase.

Being a foreigner, it is best to use the services of real estate agencies, they will help you find a house or apartment in an ideal location taking into account your requirements. The real estate agen will also take care of all the formalities.

As a buyer, make sure what plans the municipality has for the surroundings of your chosen house. You can also get information from the municipality about whether the neighborhood is contaminated. Determine with the sellers all the defects and damages that exist on the property. Every seller must provide energy certificates. Once you decide to buy a house, remember that you must tax it

Negotiate! Once the seller decides on your offer, negotiate with him! Also pay attention to what appears in the contract, what the terms of purchase and transfer of ownership are. Therefore, the safest and most convenient when you want to buy an apartment is to contact a recommended real estate agent.

Good luck in finding your place on earth!

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