Philips in Eindhoven

The Philips factory in Eindhoven is one of the most important factories of this company, which is located in the Netherlands. The factory was established in 1891 and was one of the first Philips plants, founded by Gerard Philips. At first it produced light bulbs, but later the facility expanded into other products, such as radios, televisions, household appliances and more.

During World War II, the Philips factory in Eindhoven was heavily damaged, but reconstruction began soon after the war. In the 1950s and 1960s, the factory went through fast growth and became one of the largest and most important manufacturing factories in Europe, which offered jobs for couples in the Netherlands.

The old factory building has been transformed into the Philips Museum, where you can interactively learn about the company’s history and follow its development and the impact of innovative technologies on our daily lives.

Today, the Philips factory in Eindhoven continues to produce a variety of electronic devices, including lighting, household appliances, medical equipment and much more. With the development of new technologies, the factory tries to stay at the forefront of innovation and grow in line with market needs, and has plenty of job opportunities in the Netherlands.

There are different halls of production and research and development owned by Philips in Eindhoven.

One of Philips’ newest halls in Eindhoven is “The Circle”, which opened in 2018. It is an office and research complex that is designed as a center for innovation and collaboration, with the goal of accelerating the development of new technologies and products.

The Circle is made up of several floors with office spaces, research laboratories, conference rooms and various types of work and meeting rooms. Inside the complex, a number of innovative solutions, such as intelligent lighting, air-conditioning systems, and energy efficiency solutions, have been used.

The hall was designed with development and minimal environmental impact in mind. The buildings are equipped with solar panels, and green areas have been created around them, which serve not only as an aesthetic feature, but also as a relaxing place for employees who work through some of the best employment agencies and offices in the Netherlands.

The Circle is another example of how Philips in Eindhoven is trying to stay at the forefront of innovation and the development of new technologies, while paying attention to sustainability and environmental issues.

Eindhoven has been called the “city of Philips”. The company’s logo is simply everywhere. Even the city’s stadium, where the PSV Eindoven soccer team plays its matches, is named “Philips Stadium”.

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