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When you go to the Netherlands it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with what websites will allow you to easily make purchases, find jobs or make appointments for various services. What may surprise you is that you can find all this in one place at

In Poland, OLX and Allegro have been leading the way in the area of shopping and service offers for many years, and in the Netherlands is the largest and most popular site for buying and selling literally anything!

On the site you will find a wide range of categories include not only offers to sell cars, animals, bicycles, clothes, but also those related to beauty, grooming or home garden or electronics. In each category you will find hundreds or even thousands of advertisements.

Marktplaats’ business is also based on listing services such as hairdressing or renovations, but surprisingly you will also find job offers and room or apartment rentals.

Using Marktplaats is very easy and intuitive. As on any portal, to buy or sell a product at the beginning you need to create a free account, which will also allow you to communicate with other users. When putting an item up for sale, you can easily add its photo, description or even preferred shipping methods to the buyer. Anyone can write or call you to know more about the item or service you are posting. Marktplaats allows you not only to sell things in the traditional way, but also to do auctions! This gives you a chance to buy an interesting item at a great price!

Marktplaats is so popular in the Netherlands not only because of its ease of use, but also because of the huge number of offers from every area of life. You can easily find any product, service or even a job there.

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