Why do employees quit their jobs? How to avoid it?

Poor pay, a terrible boss or finding a better offer and disrespect are always cited as the main reasons for resignation. However, we can often see our colleagues giving notice for much less obvious reasons.

  • Let’s start with the problems of promotion. An employee is always observing his or her environment and very often can see that a certain type of person is promoted. The criteria for receiving a promotion should be clear and accessible to every employee. There should be no prejudice against employee diversity.
  • Lack of support and underestimation. Managers often forget to appreciate the work of employees’ work. Appreciation during the performance of duties even those that do not contribute much to the development of the company allows the employee to feel noticed and important in the organization.
  • The inability of managers and supervisors to manage stress in the workplace is a huge problem for modern organizations. If we place expectations in front of an employee that are beyond his skills and qualifications, we can expect very quick termination on his part.
  • Lack of faith in the duties performed and loss of trust in the manager is another reason for giving notice. If a manager or supervisor breaks promises made, manipulates the team and violates company regulations, we can’t expect an employee to feel secure in the company.
  • Lack of development opportunities. Every person wants to acquire new skills and improve his qualifications. If he stands still for a long time this can cause frustration and a desire to change jobs. Every employer should have clear rules for career paths and transparent evaluation methods.
  • Managers also often expect pure results forgetting about the human factor. They require taking risks and coming up with initiatives, but when an employee fails by acting in this way, they are not likely to show support just draw consequences.

When frustration and dissatisfaction begin to build up in an employee, it only takes a moment for him to surprise his superior with a termination notice. Every good manager should be able to recognize among his employees, the first signs of resignationlack of commitment, more frequent absenteeism, withdrawal in communication with the supervisor or colleagues. When we notice such behavior among our employees, it is worth reacting to prevent staff turnover in the organization. It is worth finding the real cause of the problems. We can perform a survey, examining satisfaction among employees, conduct an exit interview, which will give us the opportunity to maintain relations with the departing employee. The information collected will allow us to find the main reason for dissatisfaction among employees.

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