How to buy and register a car in the Netherlands?

Many Poles come to the Netherlands with the desire to earn money. To make their lives easier, often the first thing they save up for is their own car. This allows them to get to work, travel more freely and take on more earning opportunities.

We can often hear about the Netherlands as the ideal place to buy a used car. A number of reasons contribute to this. Let’s start with the fact that Dutch roads are among the best in Europe, and this reduces suspension wear. There is also a general perception that the Dutch take exceptional care of the condition of their cars, and their technical inspections require the mileage and condition of the vehicle to be entered in the inspection book.

To check the mileage of a car you plan to buy, all you need to do is have its registration number, which you then enter on the website of the National Traffic Service (RDW).

You can find used cars on many online auctions at, among others. Once you have chosen your dream car and completed all the formalities with its previous owner you should re-register it. You can do this at PostNL – (if you have a Dutch ID) or you can do it directly at the State Traffic Service (RDW). If you bought the car from a commission, such formalities you do not have to worry about, the seller will do it for you.

From the seller you must always get a registration certificate, a vehicle card “NAP-document” and a COC Certificate, if he has one. You should also receive two sets of keys, if this is not the case it is best to indicate this in the purchase contract.

To register a car in the Netherlands you must carry such documents as:

– A valid identity card

– Proof of transfer

– Proof of transcription

– Confirmation of residence from the municipality with a visible BSN number

The registration card in the Netherlands looks like a credit card, and the cost of re-registering a car is a dozen euros. Remember, always have a set of documents with you it will make things easier and guarantee a quick settlement.

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