Effective methods of selection of candidates.

The recruitment process is related to the appropriate selection of submitted applications. For this purpose, different methods are used, depending on the requirements of the position. The methods of selecting candidates are, m.in.: analysis of CVs, cover letter and other documents (e.g., references), interview.

As you well know, the most important points in the selection of candidates for work is the so-called selection. Regardless of the number of applications, in each recruitment we must select only the best candidates.

When you go to work in the Netherlands, you have also been selected, among other things, to choose the right job, project, and people with whom you will cooperate.  Currently, it is still difficult to imagine recruitment without a CV. Without a doubt, this is the most popular method of pre-selecting a candidate.

What are the advantages of using CV analysis? It allows you to reject candidates who do not meet the established requirements, e.g., having the right education and experience, and gives you a career overview and a starting point for further interview.

Of course, we do not employ a person only on the basis of curriculum vitae, but in many recruitments processes a CV and a short interview are enough to make a decision about employment.  Well, the interview… What is the effectiveness of this method?

The advantages of a traditional interview are with beginning since it allows you to ask questions and exchange information and of course gives you the opportunity to evaluate contact and behavior.

In practice, it is best to combine both elements of selection methods.

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