What distinguishes the house designs inspiredr by the architecture of the Netherlands?

Dutch-style houses captivate with their simplicity, harmony, and traditional solutions. They can be found not only in the homeland of tulips, but also in other European countries, and even in the United States.

In Poland, building designs inspired by the architecture of the Netherlands also arouse investors’ interest. Find out what distinguishes houses of such style and whether they will prove suitable in Polish conditions. Projects in the style referring to the architecture of the Netherlands are mainly inspired by traditional buildings typical for small towns and fishing villages in this country. These are small single-storey houses with a high usable attic (even two levels) hidden under a two- or four-sided roof.

Houses in the Netherlands generally have basements and high ground floors. One of the reasons for this is the slenderness of the buildings, which is particularly evident in urban old towns.

Houses in the country of tulips are built according to predetermined rules and proven architectural models. Buildings are usually constructed using brick technology. They are mainly single-storey houses with a usable attic and gable roof, which are poor in ornamentation and fancy architectural elements such as dormers, bays or resalts.

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