VCA Certificate

VCA (Veiligheid Gezondheid Milieu Checklijst Aannemers) is the name of the occupational safety management system in companies in force in the Benelux countries (the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg), and often also in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Scandinavia.

In general, VCA is the equivalent of Polish OHS, i.e. a set of rules and regulations regarding safe and hygienic performance of work.

Having a VCA certificate is not mandatory but it makes it much easier to find employment. Its absence more and more often results in not being allowed to enter the construction site or factory.

There are three different types of VCA certificates:

  • Basis VCA (B-VCA) – intended for every regular employee who is exposed to any risk required, including the construction, transport, petrochemical industries;
  • VOL VCA (VOL-VCA) – complements the powers of Basis VCA, it must be held by persons holding managerial positions;
  • VIL VCA – required from persons in coordinating positions in temporary employment agencies, it is a confirmation that the rules of administration and supervision over employees comply with the applicable labor law.

The B-VCA exam is conducted via computer. It lasts 60 minutes and consists of 40 closed questions. You need to answer at least 26 questions correctly to pass it. The results are known immediately after the exam.

On the next working day the certificate is placed in the CDR database (Dutch.  Centraal Diploma Register) and is available at The paper certificate together with the plastic card is sent by post within 5 working days.

The VCA certificate is valid for 10 years.

Jobxion Vakmensen BV, in cooperation with one of the training companies, organizes a free one-day VCA course in Polish for its employees. It ends with an examination conducted by an independent institution.  It is worth passing it the first time. In the event of a negative result each subsequent attempt at the exam must be paid for by the employee from his own pocket. This involves an expense of around EUR 200.

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