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Sport is health… And not only, or what does physical activity give us?

It is widely accepted that sport is health. However, undertaking any type of physical activity gives us many more benefits. Sport not only improves our health and fitness, but also has a positive effect on our mood. People who move a little have more energy, better mood, well-being, and self-esteem.

You often wonder what to do after work? There are several ways to free time. The healthiest of them is sport. And the most important benefit of practicing sports is the improvement of mood, because: through movement, our mental performance improves, i.e. the ability to remember increases, regular exercise reduces the likelihood of developing depression and other mood disorders – this is because during exercise serotonin responsible for the sense of happiness is secreted, sport gives a sense of satisfaction, which increases our self-esteem,  Through movement, we relieve negative emotions.

According to various data, 71% of men and 66% of women admit to playing sports in the Netherlands. This is by far one of the largest percentage of communities in Europe. One of the most popular disciplines is fitness, practiced compulsively not only in clubs intended for this purpose. The Dutch are also famous for their passion for football and cycling, a little less running and swimming.

Having a job with accommodation in the Netherlands, a person has access to many physical activity points in his region. In the country of tulips in every city you have access to gyms, football fields, tennis fields, etc.

Regular exercise gives a kind of emotional impulse that makes it easier for us to face difficult situations when walking at work. It also contributes to increased perseverance at work when performing various tasks.

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