The Dutch love coffee, They drink more of it than tea or beer

The Dutch are known for many things: windmills, tulips, bicycles and, of course, coffee. Yes, it’s true, coffee is a very popular drink there, and 84% of the Dutch prefer it more than tea or beer.

This black drink has a long history in the Netherlands. The first mention of coffee in the country dates to the seventeenth century, when the Dutch began to import grains from Arab countries. However, its popularity in the Netherlands has grown significantly in recent decades. Nowadays, there are many coffee shops in every city in the Netherlands, offering different types of coffee and coffee specialties.

One of the reasons for the popularity of coffee in the Netherlands is the fact that the Dutch are very  busy people and often need caffeine to keep their energy and focus. Coffee is also an ideal drink to consume during breaks at work or social meetings. Some people even drink several cups of coffee a day, which shows how important it is to them. The statistical resident of the Netherlands drinks more than 160 liters of coffee a year.

Another reason this drink is so popular is that cafes are often also places for meeting and social integration. The Dutch like to meet friends and family over a cup of coffee, talk about life and work, and sometimes even work together in a café using the free Internet.

In the Netherlands you can find many types of coffee, including classic espresso, cappuccino, latte, but also many other interesting and unusual variants. With milk or simple black coffee? Here the Dutch are split in half, 52% preferring a small black and 48% adding milk. Many cafes also offer different types of milk, such as almond, soy or coconut, to customize the drink to their customers‘ preferences. With or without sugar? In this case, 60% of the Dutch choose not to sweeten their coffee, while only two out of five residents choose sugar.

This does not mean that the Dutch do not drink tea or beer. You can find many different kinds of tea in the Netherlands, and beer is also a very popular drink, especially during summer festivals and events. However, coffee is definitely the most popular drink in the Netherlands.

In summary, the Dutch love coffee and drink it more than tea or beer. Coffee is an important part of Dutch culture and plays an integral role in people’s daily lives. Coffee shops are a place to meet and socialize, and the variety of types of coffee and milk offered by coffee shops satisfies customers’ needs.

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