Job interview at JobXion

Probably all of us have had more than one job interview. A job interview is nothing more than a meeting between an employer and a potential employee.

At JobXion this is done slightly differently. Due to the fact that we have only one office in Poland and candidates apply for our ads from all over the country or from abroad, it is not always possible to meet face to face. In the vast majority of cases, we recruit by phone and online.

Once an application has been submitted through an advertising portal or by applying directly through our website, a recruiter contacts the applicant to conduct an interview. We try to keep the time between the application and the recruiter’s attempt to contact the applicant as short as possible. The potential employee needs to take a moment to talk to us about the offer, tell us something about themselves and their previous work experience, qualifications/training, and then we have the opportunity to present the offer and terms and conditions of employment and we can select a suitable, individually tailored project for the candidate.

Interviews are conducted in a professional manner that respects the candidate’s time.

What questions can an applicant and job seeker expect during the recruitment process? What relevant information does he/she need to give us, what should we focus on?

Here are some examples of questions in the recruitment process:

– What prompted you to submit your CV to our advertisement?

– Did you complete a trade school?

– How many years’ experience do you have in the profession concerned? What have you done that you can do in a particular position?

– Knowledge of technical drawings and reading from plans.

– Working in Poland where, how many years?

– Have you already worked abroad? If so, where and for how long?

– Does she have experience from the Netherlands? (references)

– Certificates, courses, diplomas

– What types of construction did he work on?

– What are his preferences? Where does he want to work?

– Specialist questions related to the specific profession applied for.

– We ask about language skills and their level. If the candidate declares it, then the recruiter verifies it by conducting a short conversation.

We always ask during the interview for the candidate to be honest with us in describing their work experience, as they often embellish their skills, which later comes to light and it happens that men are sent away from projects because they are not able to fulfil their duties properly.

We then set an initial date of availability with you and send you documents (skills questionnaires for the profession) to complete.

On the basis of the documents received and after creating a profile of the candidate, we try to adapt the appropriate financial conditions to each individual. We then introduce the person to our colleagues on the Dutch side and they decide, after reviewing the profile, whether and where to place him or her on the project. The next step, after positive acceptance, is to issue a referral agreement to the Dutch employer and then finally the whole preparation machinery for the departure starts.

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