Emergency number in the Netherlands

Most of us know the Polish emergency numbers well when we are children. We may have learnt them at school or from educational programmes. But what should we do if we go outside our country, e.g. to the Netherlands, to work, and there is an emergency? What should we do and which emergency numbers can we call?  In this article we will describe how to proceed in such a situation and how to notify the relevant authorities.

How to behave in emergency situations in the Netherlands?

At any time we may witness an accident or unfortunate incident. Remember to remain calm in such a situation and not to panic those around you. However, if you are alone during such an incident and you are the only one who can react, call the emergency number as soon as possible to inform the medical services. Then administer first aid to the casualty if possible. However, if you are not sure how to proceed, then call the emergency number and a paramedic will tell you what to do step by step. In this way you can help before the ambulance or police arrive and sometimes even save a life. The first number that most often comes to mind in such a situation is the European emergency number 112, which is also available in the Netherlands for reporting accidents and life-threatening conditions. For smaller incidents, it is also helpful to know the other emergency numbers.

You must remember that when you call 112, you should follow the following instructions:

  • identify the situation in question,
  • give the location of the incident,
  • tell them which services are needed (police, fire brigade or ambulance)

The dispatcher receiving the call will then transfer you to the services in the area concerned.

Here is a list of useful numbers:

Huisartsenpost head office/medical service out of hours, call the region’s hotline:

Amsterdam – 088 003 0600

Rotterdam – 010 466 9573 (Central, North), 010 290 9888 (South), 010 279 9262 (East)

Utrecht – 0900 450 1450

The Hague – 070 346 9669

Eindhoven, Helmond, Geldrop – 0900 8861

Other locations – 0900 1515


Emergencies – 112

Non-emergencies – 0900 8844

To report a crime anonymously– 0800 7000

In the Netherlands crimes can also be reported onlinePolite Web & Graphics

Fire service

Emergencies – 112

The Hague – 088-246 35 00

Amsterdam – 020-555 66 66

Utrecht – 088-878 10 00

Nijmegen or Tiel – 088-878 21 23

Venlo – 088-119 06 00

Enschede – 088-256 70 00

Breda – 076-529 66 00

Den Bosch – 088-020 81 01

For urgent matters, notify the police first!!!

Health service

For emergencies call 112 or visit your local A&E (Accident & Emergency Department)

Dental Emergencies

There is no central telephone number to call for emergency advice. Each practice in the area offers its own out-of-hours service. In Amsterdam and The Hague, an urgent appointment can be made at Dental365, tel. 085 10 50 750.

Pharmacies open 24 hours a day (Apotheek). To find an on-call pharmacy outside normal weekday hours, call 020 694 8709.

A list of facilities open 24 hours a day is also displayed in pharmacy windows and published in free local newspapers under the heading Medical Assistance (Medische Diensten).

Other emergency numbers:

0800-90 09 – to report gas leaks and power problems

0900-01 11 – Coastguard 

0900-01 01 Victim Support Netherlands – support for those experiencing a criminal offence, traffic accident or calamity

Before leaving for the Netherlands, it is best to write down all the emergency numbers you need, because you never know when you will need to use them, and it is worth being prepared for any situation.

Words and phrases for emergencies in the Netherlands:

Accident – Ongeluk

Emergency – Noodgeval

Call an ambulance – Bel een ambulance

Calling the police Bel de politie

Calling the fire brigade – Bel de brandweer

Order/call a doctor – Haal/bel een dokter

I am sick- Ik ben ziek

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