How do you build a relationship with a candidate?

Trust is the absolute basis of a healthy and lasting relationship. With trust, all communication with others takes place in a more effective way. If you trust the people you are working with, it is easier and more confident to take on new challenges.

As you already know, most recruitment for jobs abroad is done online. The aim of recruitment is, of course, to hire the right person for the right job. The most important thing is communication and the relationship with the candidate. In order for the candidate to trust us at the beginning, he or she needs to know all the different steps of the recruitment process.

Going for a job abroad is always a question mark because we are not completely sure if everything that has been agreed upon will come together. Different situations in our professional and private life depend only on us. In order to gain the trust of a potential candidate, I always try to listen to his or her position at the beginning and prepare him or her for the subsequent process in stages.

Professionalism does not have to mean a rigid atmosphere. Let us treat the candidate as we would like to be treated ourselves. Empathy in this case is very important, as it allows you to understand the candidate’s situation and the emotions that drive him/her at the various stages of the recruitment process, and thus will allow you to better represent both the company and the candidate during offer negotiations.

Jobxion is always guided by the most important guiding principle – the candidate’s impressions and his/her relationship with us have an impact on his/her further success and the image of the company.

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