Going abroad without insurance? Is this a good idea?

Compulsory basic insurance in the Netherlands. According to Dutch law, access to basic insurance must be guaranteed to all persons staying in the country (including those with a residence permit).

Is insurance compulsory in the Netherlands?

Health insurance is paid and compulsory. Not having insurance can mean a penalty will be imposed on you. There are about one hundred insurance companies in the Netherlands.

From the moment you start working in the Netherlands, your insurance is active. Intentional causing of some damage causes nullity. Accident insurance provides protection in the event of permanent disability or death as a result of an accident.

Now that we know which part is mandatory, let us think about what insurance covers in the Netherlands? Basically, all advice with specialists, except for planned visits to the dentist, with the exception of emergency dental assistance. Therefore, if you are planning a longer trip to the Kingdom of the Netherlands, it is definitely worth going to the dentist in Poland, because the cost of treatment will be much lower than abroad.

Being in the Netherlands and not having insurance, you have to take into account the costs incurred. What and how much will we pay?

A visit to a general practitioner costs twenty-five euros, a specialist forty euros, a day of treatment in a hospital 300-450 euros. If we want to apply for reimbursement of medical costs, it is necessary to present the original bills or proofs of payment to the NFZ. When applying for reimbursement of medicines purchased in the Netherlands, the pharmacist must necessarily write down on the proof of payment what medicines were purchased and who prescribed them.

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