What payment cards can we pay with in the Netherlands?

When you go to work in the country of tulips, it is important to check what bank account you have and prepare it for payments abroad.

Which payment card to choose? Before leaving, it is worth packing a special multi-currency card into your suitcase or enabling such a service on the basic card.  Thanks to this, you will not pay a commission for currency conversion of the transaction.

In Poland, we are used to using Visa and Mastercard.  They are quite popular in most places in the world and hence there is a belief that you can pay with them almost anywhere. Unfortunately, you may be in an unpleasant surprise in the Netherlands. Why?  Dutch citizens do not use them, so in most places it is simply not possible to make payments with them.  The most supported card is the Maestro card (sometimes also V-PAY).

How to pay in the Netherlands?

If you have moved to the Netherlands and are going to stay longer, it is best if you open a Dutch bank account. In addition, in many places you cannot pay in cash, so a Dutch card is necessary. Secondly, if you work for a Dutch employer, you will need a Dutch bank account number to receive your salary.

Which bank to choose?

ABN AMRO, ING NL, RABOBANK and SNS BANK – In these banks you will be able to communicate in English. You can also open your online account with them. For this you need a correspondence address and tax number (BSN).

When working through Employment Agencies, you can always ask your coordinator for tips on opening a bank account in the Netherlands.

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