TAX Liability - Netherlands

Responsibility for the tax settlement lies with the taxpayer himself. In the Netherlands there is a rule: anyone who has to pay more than 47 euros in tax settles with the tax authorities. If you have received an invitation to settle then you should do so.

Have you already received Jaaropgave from your employer for 2022? This means that it is time to settle the tax.

Jaaropgave is an annual statement of income: you should receive the document from your employer by the end of February. If you had more than one employer you should get Jaaropgave from each of them. If you do not register your residence in the Netherlands, you need to know the specific periods of employment – they will be needed to convert the tax credit.

Before you start settling tax in the country of tulips it is worth completing the formalities in Poland. This applies to taxpayers who do not have a permanent residence in the Netherlands. If you have not had it all year then according to the new regulations you are obliged to submit a tax return in Poland. In the Polish PIT you report foreign income on the ZG attachment.

If you do not have a residence in the country of tulips then in order to access the preparation of a tax return you need to order special codes from Belastigndienst. Such a necessity makes matters more difficult, all the more so because the whole process takes place in Dutch. With the help of Poles living in the Netherlands comes the application All formalities can be completed online using a simple interface and most importantly: in Polish.

One thing is certain: the tax must be settled. It is best to do it as soon as possible to have formalities out of your hair. There is also an advantage: the sooner we submit a tax return the sooner we will receive a tax decision.

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