Recommendations of new candidates - how it works

An employee referral program is one of the many ways recruitment departments can get new job candidates.

JobXion has been using a recommendation system in its recruitment process for many years. This solution goes outside the standard ways of getting candidates and allows you to get closer to your current employees. It is a system through which not only the company gains, but also the people it employs.

What does the employee benefit from the recommendation system?  First of all, he has an impact on what team he works in. He can propose for a job a person whom he is sure will fit in with current values and has the right qualifications. He can handle the expectations and responsibilities.

When an employee recommends a friend, knowing what skills he has it will be much easier to introduce him to new duties and familiarize him with the rest of the staff. The new employee receives support and understanding, which is extremely important at the beginning of a new career path. Making the induction process easier allows the new person to take over and get involved in the chores faster.

A recommendation also speeds up the recruitment process. The recruiter actually gets a candidate who is qualified and matched to the position. This brings savings to the company, and as a result, higher bonuses for employees who engage in the referral program. 

At JobXion, for recommending a colleague who will work 160 hours, each employee receives €300 net!

Give your friends a chance to work for a verified company, cooperate with our recruiters and get a bonus!

Join JobXion and work in an established company in the picturesque Netherlands!!!

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