Electric cars - What do we know about them?

Electric cars are vehicles powered by batteries, AC motors, or both.

The most interesting thing for Me was that electric motors were invented at about the same time as fossil fuel engines. The topic was also present at universities – in the Netherlands, a lecturer at the local university, the professor built a small electric car that was powered by disposable batteries.

The popularity of electric cars falls on the twenty-first century. The main difference between electric cars and petrol or oil cars is that the former use electricity from renewable energy sources to operate.  Contrary to appearances, the technique used in this type of solutions is relatively simple. The basis of operation is alternating current, which we also use when using a microwave or game console. The internal combustion engine, burning fuel, uses chemical and thermodynamic transformations. On the other hand, its electrical counterpart uses electro- and magneto dynamic transformations in connection with the flow of current. In an internal combustion engine – built of m.in cylinders, pistons, valves, crankshaft. – there is a crank-piston mechanism, while the “electric” engine consists of a stator and a rotor.

The Netherlands is the leader in terms of the number of charging stations for electric cars in the EU. The number of car charging points exceeds a tenth of one hundred kilometers of main roads . The country of tulips is ahead of Luxembourg, Germany and Portugal.

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