Amsterdam - Schiphol Airport

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol is the largest airport in the Netherlands located 3 m above sea level on the Haarlemmermeer polder, southwest of the city. Before the polder was drained ships destined for decommissioning were collected at the site, hence the name Schiphol. The airport was built in 1917 and since World War II has been constantly modernized and expanded. 

Schiphol Airport ranks fourth in Europe in terms of the number of passengers (2006), fourth in terms of the number of aircraft operations (2005) and third in terms of the amount of cargo handled (2005). In 2013 it handled 52.5 million passengers.

The port has 6 runways marked not only by directions but also, unusually, with proper names. The seventh runway is already planned.

Direct connections to the centre of Amsterdam and many cities in the Netherlands are provided by the Schiphol railway station opened in 1978 which is located under the airport station building.

Transport connection to the city – The city and the airport complex are connected by several bus routes with an interval of 8-10 minutes as well as by high-speed express trains. For those who arrive at the airport by car there are several parking lots at the airport that provide services at different prices. If desired, a parking space can be booked online.

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