What does a work agency Coordinator take care of?

The first thing I do when I get up in the morning is checking my cell phone.
There are some messages waiting for me. Including the one from the new
candidate, who writes that he is on his way to the office. We are about to meet
soon and talk about the possibility of starting work in our company handling a
cup of good coffee.

What does a coordinator in a recruitment agency really do?

As You can notice, I keep the coordination of processes related to employment in the agency. At JobXion, we provide work to Polish specialists in the construction industry. The scope of the coordinator’s duties is very extensive and begins with the employee’s arrival at our office in Tiel. 

The most important things are:

  1. Preparing the employee to start working with the client,
  2. Provide him a set of necessary information about the type of work
  3. Collecting the required documents,
  4. Preparing a Dutch contract for Candidate
  5. Presenting the address and housing conditions
  6. Preparing professional tools and work clothes
  7. Providing the necessary instructions related to work in our office

That’s quite a lot, right? But this is just the beginning!


Before Candidate goes to work….

I try to perfectly match the candidate for the job offered by our client – a construction company. Today, for example, an employee has arrived who will be perfect as an experienced shuttering carpenter. We handle the formalities in the office, and then the candidate goes to the municipal office for an appointment to register and collect the BSN number. This is his first job in the Netherlands, so he has to legalize his opportunity to earn here.

During his absence, I check with new employees who started work yesterday. Did they get to the construction site? Do they like their first day at work? I also check whether everyone has completed working  hours in the system.                       Without filling it correctly, we won’t be able to transfer their weekly salaries! When a new candidate returns from office, I create an employment contract, provide accommodation information, construction address and deliver tools.


Life on the road

After that I get in the car and visit a few workers at the construction site.                                 I give them extra work clothes, sometimes tools they ordered. We’ll talk for a while, but I have to keep going – there are days when I make up to 300km from construction site to construction site! On the way back, I talk to recruiters from the office in Poland about new, potential candidates. At the end of the day, we sum up the day with the team and plan what we have to do next day.                       Together with Jobxion colleagues, we set ourselves the goals that we want to achieve. We want our clients and employees to get the most satisfaction from working with us. This requires a lot of energy very often. Usually, we succeed and this is what gives us  satisfaction and motivation to move forward.


Advantages and disadvantages of the coordinator’s work

Being a coordinator is a big challenge. This function is very broad and requires the ability to manage many issues at the same time. I must admit that we do it very often. However, there are situations when a particular matter has to wait until the next day. Of course, advantage is the variety of our tasks, every day is different, so there is no way to be bored! Today you visit employees at the construction site, tomorrow you are in the office and do the administration.


You can always count on me

Working as a coordinator is based on direct contact with people, which is always a pleasure for me. I like working with people from all around the world. There is an additional mission associated with being a coordinator: you often help your employee to take their first steps in a new country, the Netherlands. You observe how professionally he develops, how he is doing well, how he learns the language. I want this person make feel that they can rely on me. I am very glad to be a support in this difficult path. Employee satisfaction and development brings the quality of work for our clients. Therefore the mission is double-filled.

Come over to Jobxion,because we are building for you!





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