Finally at home! This is how our new JobXion office going to look like

Soon we will invite You to the new JobXion office. After several years we say goodbye to Tiel and move to our own facility – in Geldermalsen. Till now, JobXion has been renting space, but the new place will be our property. It is specifically designed to best serve the recruitment needs of construction workers – formwork carpenters, plumbers, electricians and construction carpenters. 

The old and new offices are only 14 kilometers apart – both are located by the A15 motorway.

JobXion stands for quality. For almost 16 years of existence, JobXion  is under continuous development. The number of temporary workers who were given jobs in the Netherlands is growing, thereby – the team of our employees is growing. The time has also come to change the office – to one that will allow for even better service. After years spent in charming Tiel, we are eventually moving to nearby Geldermalsen. The new JobXion office will be located just off the highway A15, in the Hondsgemet industrial park. JCVANKESSEL Architectuur is responsible for the architectural design, and the main contractor is JCVANKESSEL Bouw.

There will be a big change for everybody-especially change of quality. In the new building, we will accommodate not only office workers, but also a training and test center for candidates. This will allow our professionals to develop their skills and gain qualifications directly in our company. But how do we know for sure that a professional really fits the job that a client has? That only really turns out in practice. That is why we have set up our own testing and training center. In a large building, various areas have been set up for testing and training. There is a large practice area outside. Candidates carry out a practical assignment here, sometimes in all weathers. Because that is where the profession begins in many cases. We often see after one day whether the right skills and experience are present. We can then develop them further. Or we look for another suitable project. Our testing and training center will also be the place where newcomers take their first steps. And side entrants change course.

 Participants who successfully complete the JobXion diploma route obtain an officially recognized MBO diploma. Working five days a week, salary five days a week, multiple starting moments, personal guidance and a lot of flexibility.

 In this way we increase knowledge, skills and competences. Result: personal development, a valuable diploma and extra capacity for the construction and installation sector.


We are looking forward to the moment when we will be able to officially invite you to our new office. If everything goes according to plan – in April 2021 we will celebrate the company’s 16th birthday in the new facility. Goodbye Tiel! Hello Geldermalsen!

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